10 Bad habits while using mobile

10 Bad habits while using mobile phones 📵 everyone must avoid

  1. Using your phone while driving or operating heavy machinery
  2. Spending too much time on social media or gaming apps
  3. Not using a screen filter or turning down the brightness to protect your eyes
  4. Not regularly cleaning your phone to prevent the spread of germs
  5. Using your phone while in bed, which can negatively impact your sleep
  6. Constantly checking notifications, which can be distracting and stressful
  7. Using your phone while in social situations, which can be impolite and disrespectful
  8. Not backing up important data, which can be lost if your phone is lost or stolen
  9. Not using a password or fingerprint to lock your phone, which can leave your personal information vulnerable
  10. Not keeping your phone updated with the latest software, which can leave it vulnerable to security threats.

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