What are some of the first things you do in morning

What are some of the first things you do in mornin

I awoke at four o’clock ,Like I do every morning.

At 4:00 in the morning, I look like this. Obviously, I’m not a morning person.

I’m drained, chilly, angry, and just simply uncontrollable.

“Wow, you must have to go to work REALLY early,” you’re presumably thinking.

Well, you’re mistaken. I decide to do this…


I get the most done at this time, despite feeling and looking like a turd that has been pepper sprayed.

You know, if you’re not a morning person, getting up at 4 in the morning takes some practise. Similar like lighting a fire by rubbing two twigs together to start a bad car in the cold

It is systematic.

It’s annoying.

To get it properly, it takes a lot of trials.

The Art of Routine is what it is.

Here’s my own:

4:00 a.m.: Get out of bed and don an absurdly large hoodie.

4:00–4:05 in the morning: stumble to the coffee machine and begin brewing coffee (light roast, I hear it has more caffeine).

Stretch, listen to my body’s various crackling noises, and maybe let out a few farts between 4:05 and 4:15 in the morning.

4:00–5:00 a.m.: Write. The magic takes place here. In this 45-minute window, I write more effectively than I would in three hours at night. The truth.

I’m already fully wired from the coffee and inspiration, so. I currently look like this:

Not good. It’s time to unwind.

Meditate between 5:00 and 5:15 a.m. I may appear to be twitching on a cushion, but I’m actually in a deep state of tranquillity and inner peace. This mentally prepares me for my next task…

5:15-5:50 a.m.: Respond to emails and clear my inbox. FML.

5:50 to 7:00 a.m.: Crossfit, unleash the beast within (thinking about emails and scheduling for rage-based-motivation).

7:00-8:00 a.m.: Cold shower (best body hack ever), breakfast (usually oatmeal and a protein shake), and off to work. The 30-minute, steamy, hellish morning commute on public transportation no longer bothers me.

By the time I arrive at work, I am energised and ready to conquer the day. I look happy than a hammer in a nail factory (I’m fairly sure that’s an expression).

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